Summer proof makeup!


Heat-proofing? Weather-proofing? Sweat-proofing? Are those even legit terms? Whether they are or not, let’s just call it summer-proofing! You know what I mean, those summer months where you are hot, sweaty, sticky, and STILL trying to slay that face of yours but the weather won’t let you be great? That’s what I mean. The summer is jam-packed with anticipation of outdoor festivals, concerts, beach days, poolside lounging, and even campfires but the heat does not care about your plans or the fact that you want to put on some makeup. During the summer we like to go for a lighter approach to our makeup routine but even that needs a little help.

Make sure to get yourself a bomb-ass mattifying primer and you get extra points for it containing SPF. Nothing is worse than having all your hard work melt off of your face before you even reach your car, so get that insurance policy of a primer! The point of a primer is to create a barrier between your skin and the makeup so that one, it won’t seep into your pores and disappear, and two, your makeup can stay on all day. Some suggestions would be Becca’s Ever Matte Pore-less Priming Perfect or check it out or one that’s more pocket-friendly Elf Cosmetics Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer check it out here.

Then what you are going to need is a foundation (if you don’t want to wear foundation then skip this step) that does not budge and free of oil! Depending on your own personal preferences about coverage there are plenty of options out there. The perfect one in my opinion would be Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Long wear Foundation check it out. This product is oil free, build-able, and has climate-adaptive technology so that it is somewhat immune to your sweat and the humidity. It helps a girl out so that you look flawless and allow your skin to breathe.

Now depending on how much oil your skin produces, how hot it is out, or how humid, you should keep some blotting papers in your to-go arsenal just in case! Majority blotting papers are the same all around so I don’t have a particular brand for you to try but I do have a tip that will help you save some cash. Blotting paper is made from the same material as toilet seat liners. They are virtually one in the same. Next time you go to a public bathroom, grab a bunch of those toilet seat covers and stash them in your purse for your next sweaty day. I’m not kidding once I found this out years back I’ve been doing it ever since. Even celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker exercises this beauty hack. You’ll thank me later.

To help look bright-eyed in bushy-tailed we usually throw on some mascara but in the summer we go from looking awake and refreshed to resembling a raccoon. Why? It is because our mascara is melting off of our lashes. Try a waterproof formula. Yes yes I know waterproof formulations can be a pain in the ass to remove at the end of that day but I am just going to assume you own an amazing eye makeup remover. No? Give this one a shot. Now back on topic, we’ve got lunch dates to make with the girls, drinks to sip on by the pool, date nights with bae, and we do not have time to worry if we look like we are donning two black eyes. Not only is it not cute its annoying as well. I really like Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara, this Korean mascara is infused with matchagreen tea, fruit extracts, and vitamin e. Withan innovative lotus brush, the tip is designed to catch and lengthen short lashes and the end helps creates fuller lashes as well. I love this product and could go on and on but I will save you from that.

Lastly, let’s just all stick with lip gloss during the summer okay? No one has time for the high maintenance of lipstick when you’re trying to enjoy that summer sun.