​10 of the Hottest Spring/Summer Trends


Sequins and shimmer are headlining the spring/ summer trends this year.  Designers for Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs have showcased their womenswear and menswear lines with sequin patterns on dresses, shorts, shirts, shoes, and bags.  Dress up your casual wear by including a sequined top into your everyday outfit.



Pastels and ice cream hues are the top colors this spring/summer.  Whether it’s cream, peach lavender, mint green, lime green, lilac, millennial pink, light blue or lemon; delicate colors add soft strength to any wardrobe.



Check off plaid on your trends to wear list because it’s being seen on the runways of Burberry, Gucci, and Balenciaga.  Checkered jackets, trench coats, skirts, shorts, shirts, pants, suits, and boots adds classic edge to your closet.  Try wearing plaid pants or a plaid pencil skirt (pencil skirts are also trending) with a black or white top or button up.



 Plastic wear is a spring essential that gives you a wet-shiny look.  Colored vinyl raincoats, trench coats, skirts, boots, belts, gloves and jackets are being seen on the runways of high end brands like Off-White, Christian Cowan, and Moschino.



Fringe gives off a light and airy feel and adds sophistication to any outfit.  Fringe has been seen across the board from streetwear to luxury wear.  Cardi B performed on Saturday Night Live and shot her first album cover in custom fringe-wear by Christian Cowan.  Also, Beyonce performed at Coachella 2018 in fringe-inspired boots by Christian Louboutin.  Feel comfortable this spring and summer wearing fringe skirts, dresses, jackets, sleeves, gloves, and boots.



Ruching of material is new trend this spring/ summer.  Designers like Diane Von Furstenberg and Tom Ford showcased ruched dresses along with countless other designers for their spring/ summer 2018 line. 



Sheer has been an unwavering trend for a while now.  Transparency in skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, and coats show the inner workings of one’s fashion sense. Shop sheer ready-to-wear tulle pieces.



Florals are here to stay for spring/ summer 2018.  Designers for Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs have included retro print florals into their art.  Florals are being seen in womenswear and menswear from dresses to skirts, jackets, shirts, ties, and bags.  Check out stores like Express that have buy one get one free floral print ties ranging from $30-$60.



Conventional stripes and polka dots are being seen through countless streetwear brands and luxury brands.  Pastel color and bold color stripes mixed with a jean jacket is a great way to keep it simple while standing out.  Also try wearing a polka dot shirt with a jean jacket, or try wearing a polka dotted skirt.


Dark Denim

Dark denim is steering the ship of fashion powerhouses like Calvin Klein and making waves for spring trends.  Shop for dark denim jeans, button ups, and jackets; you can pair your denim with plaid (denim button up with plaid pants or skirt/ plaid button up with dark denim jacket and jeans).