Shopping Made Easy


We’ve all had days when we’re frustrated with shopping, but there are some of us who just hate it to the core. No worries, you’re not alone. It might even be comforting to know that a huge percentage of women hate shopping. The reasons vary—it could be lack of time, disappointment over clothing options, discomfort with the horde of other shoppers, or being overwhelmed with the large selection.


But at one point or another, you’re going to have to face shopping day. When that day comes, a handy shopping guide can serve you well—and this is what we’re presenting you today. Here, we compiled a list of strategies on how to shop smarter and more efficiently. It’s going to take a lot of patience and a day of dedication to shopping, but trust us, these handy tips will make the shopping trip a whole lot more tolerable.


WRITE DOWN A LIST. To create a list of clothes you need to shop, you must go through your wardrobe first. This way, you can identify what you need to add or replace. Do you think you need a new pair of pumps to replace your overused ankle-strap heels? Do you need a statement silk top to spice up your sartorial repertoire? Write it down. The list will help you stay on track for the huge part of your shopping experience and cut down on some of that shopping anxiety.


If you’re making a list, consider SHOPPING IN ADVANCE. If you’re financially set for it, you might as well shop for an upcoming birthday dinner or corporate party.  Getting all the things you need in one go will help you avoid visiting the stores again in the near future. Win-win, right?


CONSIDER STICKING TO A BUDGET. Unless you’re ready to go all out, a budget will keep you from overspending. If you really want to spend much less and get more out of your shopping trip, try using coupons!


 DRESS COMFORTABLY. Fitting the clothes you like is a non-negotiable part of the shopping session, so it’s best to wear separates that are easy to pull on and off.


SHOP ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND whose judgment you trust. How do you know which one to do? If you have a good sense of style, size, and color, you can do the entire job yourself. Otherwise, get a close friend whose judgment you trust to help you out and bond with, too.



KNOW YOUR STORES. It’s a lot like how you plan your getaways! Researching stores and shops beforehand helps narrow down the places to visit and streamline your shopping itinerary. This is where the Internet search engine or those fashion apps like Polyvore, The Hunt, and Where to get come in handy. You simply type in what you’re looking for, and the stores come to you—or at least, you know, they show up in the search results and you can figure out where to go.


Extra tip: visit the stores and do your shopping at non-peak times of the week. Yes, we’re referring to weeknights! Even the most avid shoppers hate the crowds sometimes, and you sure don’t want to fight your way through a bunch of people.


LOAD UP THE DRESSING ROOM. If the idea alone of going around the boutique multiple times stresses you out, you’re not alone. And the smartest way to avoid that is to grab everything from the racks before slipping into the dressing room. Alternatively, you can ask a salesperson to do the rounds for you.


 When CHOOSING CLOTHES FROM THE RACKS, make sure you also take one size larger and smaller than your actual size. There’s no standardization of sizes across fashion stores; a size up could be more flattering on you than your actual size, and vice versa.


On top of the sizes, not everything on the hanger looks the same way it does when worn. Trials-and-errors are a natural part of shopping, so the trick is to just try on everything that catches your eye. It seems contradictory to the purpose of a shopping list, but the point is, the more things you try, the higher the chances of you finding clothes that you WILL take home with you.


SHOP ONLINE.  Why bother with all the trips to the store when you can buy things off of the screen while lounging around your home? Shopping online makes it a lot easier to see range of selections. The interface has it all divided into categories and the clothes are laid out neatly on the browser.


The main problem with shopping online is finding a size that fits you well. That said, it’s best to know your measurements first—bust, waist, hips, etc.—and go by it. Many online stores have size charts that you can check and compare with your own measurements.


Lastly, HIRE A PERSONAL STYLIST. If you really don't want to do it yourself, there are people you can have do your shopping for you! A personal stylist will customize a plan that works for you and bring the shopping to you, making shopping that much easier.